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Application for Admin

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Application for Admin Empty Application for Admin

Post by Trollerism on Sun Jun 23, 2013 9:55 pm

In-game Handle:
Age(Be honest, Age doesn't matter):

Have you read our Server and Forum Rules?
Do you understand and promise to follow the rules?

How long have you been playing CS:S?
What times do you most likely game (morning, afternoon, night? 2pm etc..)?
What is your favorite map (can be any) and your favorite gun?

Favorite Band (s):
Favorite Book (s):
Favorite Movie (s):
Favorite Website (s):

Something That Annoys You:
Describe Yourself With One Word:

Why do you want Admin?
What server do you want it on (Jailbreak, TextureCity, Bhop,)?
Do you know how to use your Admin commands?

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